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. geocoders abstracting the service’s API.
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    Nevertheless, the majority of input addresses had only zero or one valid geocoded output, suggesting low concordance in perceived precision of outputs between geocoders, likely.

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    I'm converting to the Bing Maps Web Service Geocoding API from the MapPoint API (since it's being discontinued).

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  • Oct 13, 2021 · Geocoding with Bing Map API 10-12-2021 23:04 PM - last edited 10-12-2021 23:08 PM DataStarLord.
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    In the URL below, address information is specified by using URL address parameters such as addressLine, adminDistrict.

  • The recommended method is to pass in addresses as single-line queries using the Find by Query API.
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    The Bing Maps Spatial Data Services provide REST APIs that support batch geocode and store and query spatial data.